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User Manual or User Guides Document Translation Service is one of the most important requirements that must be considered, because it may later affect the quality and results of translation, as we may find on most electronic goods originating from abroad such as China, Japan, Korea and other foreign countries, which certainly have different languages.

Use of User Manual or User Guide

Those of you who have purchased an electronic device made abroad must have obtained a User Manual or User Guide included in the electronic device that you purchased, this User Manual or User Guide has a function: the main function of the User Manual is to give guidance to the person who purchases or uses it, in order to operate the electronic device properly and appropriately. Each electronic device has distinctive characteristics that makes it different from others, so we still need a User Manual or User Guide when buying an electronic device. Therefore, before using the electronic device, make sure you read the User Manual or User Guide included in the electronic device.

The User Manual or User Guide is made in accordance with the language of the respective country's own manufacture of electronic product. For example, a mobile phone made in China, then the User Manual or User Guide will be presented in Chinese. How can you operate the mobile phone properly if you do not understand Chinese, inevitably, you have to translate the User Manual or User Guide and the translation is not necessarily according to the original.

The translation of the User Manual or User Guide is one of the most important requirements and is included with the electronic product we buy due to ease of use. Electronic devices commonly sold in other countries must have user manuals/user guides with several foreign languages in them, especially the international language, namely English.

That way, anyone using them will not encounter any problem and will not be confused in using it because it has already contained an international language. Translation service providers to be translating user manuals/user guides are required to have excellent language proficiency and to have a certificate of legality as proof.

Thus, Anindyatrans as a Certified Document Translation Services Bureau can help solve your problem in the field of certified translation of documents and provide interpreting services, and can even assist in subtitling services for English Mandarin Japanese Korean Thai Vietnamese German Dutch Russian Indian French Spanish Italian Portuguese with branch offices in Medan Palembang Batam Cilegon Jakarta Bekasi Bogor Bandung Semarang Surabaya Makassar and Denpasar.

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