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Notarial Deed Anindyatrans
Notarial Deed Anindyatrans

A notarial deed translator may not be just anyone. Not all translators can perform this task. It is because, for important documents of legal entities, there should be the authentic signature and seal of the translator. However, not just anyone can affix the authentic seal or signature. It should be a sworn or certified translator.

How come? It is because the competence of a sworn or certified translator has been acknowledged by national and international translation associations. Then, how do we obtain a certificate or how can we become a sworn translator?

Becoming a Sworn Translator

Since 2012, the sworn translator inauguration is no longer performed in Indonesia. Instead, there is an institution that can arrange for translator certification. Certainly terms and conditions apply.

First of all, register yourself as an examinee, and then pay the examination fee. Next, fulfill some of the requirements asked. Such as photocopies of the recent diploma, biodata, and translation samples.

Subsequently, follow the examination on translation world. Usually participants are required to translate some documents totaling 1000 words or at the discretion of the organizing committee. And then after being declared "PASSED", the relevant translator reserves the right to be issued the certificate of recognition as a professional translator.

If we have this proof in our possession, we can translate documents of legal entities commonly managed by a notary. For example, employment agreements, sale and purchase agreements, audits, etc.

Then why documents translated by a sworn translator must be signed and sealed by the relevant translator? It turns out that this is a proof of accountability of the translator. So if there are the official seal and signature, the party arranging for the attestation thereof will know if the documents have been translated according to the original. It is because a sworn translator will not translate documents that do not conform to the original. This is tantamount to renege on his/her own oath.

Quality Translator

For official documents, you should avoid selecting non-sworn translators. It is because for some documents of legal entities, especially if they must be endorsed at the government bodies, a certified translator is required.

The purpose is to be trusted. A sworn translator, when sworn in, must be reliable in translating documents. It means that he/she must translate the documents in conformance with the original. In addition, a sworn translator must also be accountable for the contents. Should there be any error found in the resulting translation, then the translator working on the documents may be traceable. This may serve as the basis for processing it through the legal path.

So from the client aspect, this is safe enough. Clients can truly entrust the translation quality to a sworn translator.

Translator at the Notary's Office

One of the work areas needing a sworn or certified translator is the legal department. The reason is that they need accuracy, including when translating important documents.

It is no wonder that there are many notaries who use translator services at their office. However, not all notaries can afford translators. Many notaries argue that for the sake of cost-saving, they only use a sworn translator where necessary.

It is not easy to be a notarial deed translator. There are risks to be borne when working on the documents. This is because the documents of the notary are all related to the law. If you translate a language incorrectly, the contents may also change.

It is no wonder that when translating an important document, it is performed by more than one person. There is another person later functioning as the proofreader. The purpose is to avoid any misinterpretation.

Nowadays, there are only a few sworn or certified translators. Ordinary translators are often found instead. This may actually be a good opportunity. If you are looking for a notarial deed translator, please contact us at 0813 1030 4594 Email:

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