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Attestation Services in Jakarta to Ministry of Justice Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Notary and embassies of UAE Qatar Saudi Arabia Kuwait Oman Denmark Germany. Attestation Services in Jakarta is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on a document is authentic, but having a legalized document does not necessarily mean that its contents are accurate, because it does not enclose any official approval of the Indonesian government agencies.

How do we do the Attestation Services in Jakarta
First, we check the signature, seal or stamp on the document against our database. We then attach an apostille (a legal term for certificate legalization) in order to confirm its authenticity.

Why should a document to be legalized by Attestation Services in Jakarta
If you wish to use any English document abroad for business and/or personal purposes, you may be required to have your document legalized before it may be accepted. An authentic stamp of an Indonesian government agency will convince people that the document is truly authentic.

What kinds of documents need to be legalized by Attestation Services in Jakarta?
We cannot tell, as it depends on the local requirements. Only the authority or organization dealing with you may provide such information. However, you may consult the Embassy, Consulate or High Commission in the country where you are heading.

We are able to legalize virtually any important document in Indonesia, but you still have to check it in details so that what you get is truly legal and for overseas marriage of different countries, it shall have different requirements, therefore check those requirements carefully.

How can I obtain the document for Attestation Services in Jakarta?
You may send your document for legalization by registered mail to our mailing address

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