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Have they ever cross in their mind to introduce kind of Code of Conduct among translators, especially when there is fast growing need for translating Japanese language

Either from or especially to Japanese by Sworn Translator, has become a demanding need nowadays as result of increasing business interaction between Indonesia and other Chinese speaking countries.

Unfortunately, we only have limited number of Sworn Translator. Lately we often, have to wait a couple of weeks or even more, for translation. One day I sent an email to one of senior Sworn Translator for Japanese to reconsider the need of Official Japanese translation, but he seemed only care on his individual business and ignore my friendly suggestion for him to have staffs doing translation and he still have to check before affixing signature and his Seal of Sworn Translator, or even turned down my offer, proposing few students of Japanese Languages form University of Indonesia.

What are they, Sworn Translators, those are people who have passed the test conducted by International Languages Institutions (LBI) of University of Indonesia. Test which is conducted once a year and only for one direction (e.g. Indonesian to Japanese or Japanese to Indonesia) for US 150.- each. Then along with many other translators who have passed the test, brought to Governor of Jakarta for issuing Governor’s Decree as Sworn Translator. And according to reliable sources, Governor of Jakarta did not issue Decree for Sworn Translation for the last 2 (two) years.

And this make things even worse, one day I call Japanese embassy and asking if it is OK to translate from large number of documents by Japanese (where I have to translate from Indonesia to English, because original document were in Indonesian), then return them to Indonesia to be signed and Sealed by Indonesian Sworn Translator for Japanese. But of course the wording in Affidavit shall have to be altered from “having been translated by” into “the translation have been examined by” as asked by Registered Sworn Translator in Indonesia.

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