Fundamental Differences Between Translator and Interpreter Services

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Nowadays, translator and interpreter services are quite alluring. Moreover, Indonesia often makes contact with external parties. And remarkably, not all parties handling foreign affairs can be fluent in the language of their counterparts.

So, there is no harm if we try to open the business of translator and interpreter services. However, before opening this business, do you know the differences between a translator and an interpreter? Don't they both translate a language?

Differences Between A Translator and An Interpreter

It appears that although both translate a language, but they are different from one another. A translator is someone who translates a language into another language. It is, by nature, written. So, it is usually in the form of document.

Meanwhile, an interpreter translates a language into another language in a spoken manner. The job of an interpreter is considered to be much harder than that of a translator. It is because, in interpreting, we are required to be fast in mastering a language. We are faced with a conversation or a dialogue.

An interpreter is usually hired by leaders or delegates dealing with foreign parties. So, an interpreter task is to capture what is being spoken by a foreigner (to translate a foreign language into the language of the service user) and then interpret the intent of the service user to the speaking counterpart.

So an interpreter is required to understand what is being said by both parties. The purpose is to avoid misunderstanding between them. The chance of an interpreter to correct the interpretation is not much. Therefore, an interpreter is required to think fast and correctly. An interpreter must be clever in explaining a problem.

Seeing how complex it is, not all translators can become interpreters. It takes specialized skills if you want to try out the world of interpreters.

There are some types of interpreting services. The first one is simultaneous interpreting, i.e. when the service user speaks. So when the speaking counterpart of the service user speaks, we must interpret the utterance simultaneously to the client. When the speaking counterpart has finished speaking, the client can immediately respond. The second one is consecutive interpreting, i.e. after the speaking counterpart has finished speaking. This process will take a considerable amount of time. Third, an interpreter is only asked to listen to the conversation, and then interpret it.

Setting Up Translator and Interpreter Services

It is not easy to set up the service business directly in charge of translators and interpreters. We must truly have an excellent command of the language, both written and spoken. This means that we need people who indeed master the language properly and correctly.

Not only grammar and diction, the vocabulary must also be plentiful. Otherwise, we must have qualified human resources.

In order to be able to set up this business, we must be able to hire others. So our task is only to find clients who want to use our services. If we are to hire others, we should divide them into two groups. One specific group consists of those mastering the translation of texts. From official documents to unofficial ones. The second group consists of interpreters, i.e. translators possessing excellent linguistic intelligence and proper speaking ability.

If you pick the second option, then we need a lot of capital. It is because we need to employ others. Unless we have freelance workers. Where they will only be paid when working on one job.

 However, it is highly recommended that, when we are about to set up this type of business, we know much about the world. This is essential so that we have connections. If we set up this line of business, without having any connection, then it will be useless. Jobs will be hard to get.

One of the methods for us to have experience in the field of translator and interpreter is by working with professional translators and interpreters.

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