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In support the need of Interpreting (verbal translation) services, especially to meet legal requirement for non Indonesian citizen related to Law Enforcement in Indonesian jurisdiction; there has been a mutual understanding between Registered Legal Entity in providing Certified & Authorized Translation Service and several institutions such as Regional Police Metro Jakarta, , District Attorney Office, KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) and District Courts. We CV Anindyatrans ensure ability and accuracy of Interpreting service, by examining Biodata of each and every interpreter proposed to above listed institutions. And keep all references them as record. Ensure to provide fair service at fair rate for those who require interpreting services. Issue Letter of Assignment for each Interpreter being assigned to mentioned institutions and other related agencies. And responsible for interpreting service being delivered by interpreter, and if deem necessary, interpreter shall be take an oath to perform interpreting correctly and sign at the Minutes of Examination / Investigation Report. Among other thing Interpreters a. Shall only interpret every word/sentence being said, stated by the party being interpreted. Shall NOT giving opinions, including but not limited to comments of questions being asked by investigators / law enforcement officers.

NOTE : Repeated questions by the investigators are probably their strategy to obtain the truth. Interpreters shall only keep repeating same questions. Do their best to avoid summarizing answer, except when is required by officers. And shall not discuss other topic other than question being asked by the officer, minimize, limit or restrict social / personal conversation during investigation. Shall NOT involved into legal case being examine / investigated. Proper attired as formal dress. It has been agreed by all related parties and implemented in above listed institution and shall be further discussed and defined for broader implementation.

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