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Indonesia is a country occupied Japan, for approximately 3.5 years. This makes the elements of Japanese culture and is still very attached to the Indonesian culture. There have been many schools in Jakarta, Indonesia, which makes Japanese language as an additional subject.

The development of Japanese culture increasingly influential impact in Indonesia. Many young people participated in the Indonesian Japanese associations.

Japanese development cannot be underestimated, because Japan has been affected in terms of culture, style, and language support.

Development of Japanese language support is also very aspect affecting Indonesia.

One of the jobs that have a bright future is the Japanese translator.

Profession to do a Japanese translator is:

Video anime translator

Japanese country has an advantage in the field of anime that is not in doubt and the anime already up to overseas. Derived from the Japanese anime is expressed as the number of most anime.

This became one of the job opportunities for the Japanese video translator to work.


Part-time teaching Japanese language

By becoming a part-time faculty Japanese language support, a translator can work more relaxing than working as a teacher at the school. Similarly, the Japanese language teacher at the school, a part-time faculty must have knowledge in the study of verbal and non-verbal.

Japan comic translator

Not only anime that many countries resulting from Japanapan. However, comics are very famous throughout the world is also the result of the work of Japanese. This is a job opportunity that can be exploited by a translator Japan. Skill that must be owned by the comic Japan translator is not much different from the anime video translator. This job also requires precision in reading Japanese script letters.

Game translator

Many game companies that have proven their success in Indonesia game, and had implications for Indonesian gamers. Duties and job desk of translator is not much different game with anime and comic video translator. But in game translator must have the ability to perform sequence analysis of the game and be able to explain the steps of the games played

Not a bit of work opportunities which can be done by a Japan translator. Of all aspects of entertainment requires the performance of Japan translator. All the jobs opportunities that can be done by a translator Japan has a difficulty level of each, but all of it back again to the private individual to want to learn. Not difficult to be able to quickly master the Japanese language, as long as it has the will.

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