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Subtitling services in Jakarta Indonesia for film, documentary, talk show, product promotion, advertising, company profile in Japanese English Chinese Korean Arabic French and Thai. We charge only 5 to 8 million IDR (including time coding). This is partly due to the fact that most of Subtitling services in Jakarta do not employ in-house Japanese English Chinese Korean Arabic French subtitler who are able to operate sophisticated subtitling software and equipment. Therefore, to provide a fine subtitling services in Jakarta the expertise of an external subtitler and a software technician is required. In other words, you are paying extra not only for travel expenses, but also for the services of two experts.

We, as a subtitling services in Jakarta has in-house expertise as well as all the requisite software and equipment. Furthermore, because we specialize in Japanese English Chinese Korean Arabic French and Thai subtitling services in Jakarta, we only employ subtitlers who have extensive knowledge and experience of this software and equipment. You are therefore assured of the highest quality at the best price.
We offer a wide range of options.

Firstly, we can provide a quotation per subtitle or per second, ensuring there are no hidden costs. Subtitling services in Jakarta offers the highest quality subtitling services for all types of programming. Share your Japanese English Chinese Korean Arabic French subtitling services language programming with audiences around the world! Our network of experienced subtitle translators can provide subtitles in different languages.

Localization, Not Just Transcription
While most competent subtitler can provide a literal transcription into the desired language, our subtitler understand that their job is not just to translate, but to "localize." This requires fluency in the appropriate dialects and the use of culturally relevant idioms. Although native language subtitles are typically verbatim, translated subtitles are often paraphrased to provide the essential meaning of the dialog within the time constraints of the on-screen video, maintaining a comfortable reading rate for the viewer.

Our subtitler are native speakers of the target language, completely fluent in the source language, and highly experienced in the art of subtitle translation and to maintain the absolute highest quality control, each translation is reviewed by at least two subtitler.

Video or DVD Subtitling
We provide subtitles for video or DVDs. Video subtitles are created using the most sophisticated character generators and broadcast quality VTRs. Our DVD subtitle files are compatible with all major authoring systems, including Apple, Adobe, Panasonic, Spruce, Sonic Systems, Toshiba, and Sony. We also offer professional DVD Authoring services, from basic autoplay to complex multi-feature projects.

Choice of Formats and Styles
We offer both standard format translated subtitles in Japanese English Chinese Korean Arabic French Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH). Using the most advanced technology, we can customize the style of your subtitles with your choice from a wide range of options in fonts, type size and text color, as well as background, edging, drop shadow and anti-aliasing. We can also recommend a style based on your particular programming.

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