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For those of you who specialize in the field of transcription and translation of audio and video files, of course, in addition to the ability to listen and translate that good, you also need equipment and quality and affordable software to simplify the process of transcription and translation .

There is various software transcription of audio and video files are quite well known in the market. Some are exorbitant with intricate features and some that cost fits in the pocket with a feature that is not too much but enough to do the audio / video standard. There is also a free version that features quite limited. One is that you can download on the Internet is NCH Software Express Scribe output. You can download it by clicking here.

Once you download it, you are advised to make arrangements in the menu "Options" in accordance with your transcription needs. To adjust the playback speed of audio / video file, you can go to the "Playback" and set the speed of playback, and rewind and fast forward are expressed as a percentage (%). If you have a foot pedal, you can also be set with the "Controller Setup Wizard". As for the "hot keys" that you can use is F3 to play audio / video files with high speed, F4 to stop playing the file, to open Express Scribe F5, F6 to minimize windows Express Scribe, F7 to play back (rewind), F8 to speed up playback, F9 to play the file, F10 to play the file with the actual speed, F11 to play files at a slow pace.

For starters, you can load audio / video files by clicking "File"> "Load Dictation File (s) or load the CD Audio track (if in the form of CDs) by clicking on" File ">" Load Audio CD track (s) ".

Once loaded, you can now start working on audio / video transcriptions by typing in an empty field at the interface is available in Express Scribe or word processing software files (default: MS Word). The results can be stored in your MS Word files.

Once complete transcriptions, you can translate it with the CAT tool of your choice or simply use ordinary word processing software.

Finally, I hope the above brief description can simplify your life as a professional transcriber

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