Video subtitling services are necessary and most useful these days due to the sharing ability of videos around and across the world. It's important for them to be accurate, well-formatted, and legible for easy read when there is a live audience. When subtitling, it gains immediate value since it provides a written version of what is been said in a video. If you are need of subtitling services there are important questions you need to ask yourself.

Do you want your video to be translated or localized? If you want your video to be localized, meaning in another language apart from English there are sites that offer that service. Localizing a video requires a great fluency in the dialect needed and use of idioms relevant to that culture. Although Native language subtitles are normally in verbatim, subtitling ones only needs to bring the meaning of the dialogue due to time constraints. This provides an easily readable pace for the viewer. One of the sites providing this service and

Formats and style: This is another factor to consider. Maybe you want the subtitles to be standard or either for the hard in hearing. Some sites provide broad options ranging from color, fonts, anti-liaising, edging, drop shadow and background.

Turnaround: When choosing the site, look for the turnaround time for subtitling your video. Some sites assign multiple editors on the same file, who work together for a faster turnaround.

Subtitling Costs: Look for the rates too. There are factors that will greatly affect the rates such as; length and native language of your program, language to be created, preferred turnaround, format and style and overall size of the project.

After choosing the company to do your work, upload the file to their site. Some companies will insist on you filing a form online. After this, you will get the rates and the turnaround time for that particular project you want to be done. After they have finished with video subtitling you can download the file in many formats. Such formats include multilingual DFXP, Real Text (for Real Media), SCC for iOS, SBV (for YouTube), STL (for DVD Studio Pro), SMI or SAMI (for Windows Media), DFXP (for Adobe Flash) and Captionate.

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