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About us the Authorized Sworn translation service for English, Chinese, Korea, German, Arabic, Dutch, France, Spanish. Translation service provided by Anindyatrans, are for most often used by our clients for translating such documents, Notary Establishment Deed of legal entities, Article of Associations, Contracts / Agreements, Manuals, Brochures, or personal legal documents such as Birth Certificates, and many others. Translation may be divided into a Regular or Sworn for your official or non official documents. We recently have been approved to provide interpreting service at Law Enforcement Institutions such as Police, Prosecutors, including Corruption Eradication Commission, and Courts.

About us, We began this business in Jakarta Indonesia as a small translation company in 2001. Initially, having provided basic translation services we have steadily grown to be an enterprise with an international client base from all parts of the world. We have catered to Japanese, English and Bahasa Indonesia translation needs of a range of clients such as multinational business entities, professionals such as lawyers, doctors and professors and regular clients. Building relationships of mutual trust and gaining customer loyalty and satisfaction is a priority in our business. Overall, we assure that the customer feels that a service beyond expectations is achieved and that an excellent value for investment has been obtained.

About us the constant corporate growth justifies the value of our business philosophies.
Anyone can claim to be a professional translator. After all, the translation profession is not regulated. An individual's educational background only counts for so much. An individual's experience only counts for so much. References may sound impressive, but may not be genuine. A translator must be familiar with the material and have affinity with the language. In this unregulated world, "cheapest" is not necessarily "best".
The translation must be thoroughly checked and proofread. And this is where we separate the Good from the Bad. Some agencies carry out this procedure better than others. Broadly speaking, we can distinguish three types of agencies:
The Middle Man
These agencies only do what you could do yourself: they select a number of translators, outsource the work and return the work to you. They add a generous margin on top of the purchase price. This effectively means you spend a considerable amount of money without being offered any genuine added value.
About us being a Better Agency
Where possible, these agencies try to check and proofread the outsourced work themselves. This may be acceptable for more common languages such as English and Indonesian, but well-high impossible for more exotic languages such as Japanese. These agencies tend not to employ a team of 'permanent' in-house Japanese translators, as Japanese translation work is rarely requested. These agencies therefore act as The Middle Man for exotic languages. Whether or not a language is deemed exotic naturally depends on the languages in which the agency specializes.
About us being the Too-Good-To-Be-True Agency
These agencies check and proofread all returned translations. They are able to do this for all 5,000 languages of the world. Surely there must be a catch? And there is. The average agency only employs 5 to 20 people. This means that the average in-house translator has managed to master no fewer than 250 languages! Even if the agency were to have the quality checked and proofread externally, it is highly unlikely that it has a permanent and reliable network at its disposal, simply by virtue of the fact that certain language combinations are only requested sporadically.

About us as translation services in Jakarta Indonesia, Agency No. 3 does not exist. For you, the customer, it is therefore important to know in which languages the agency genuinely specializes, and in which languages it does not. Can the agency vouch for the quality of its translations? This is the main question to ask a translation agency, be it JET or another agency: which languages do you check and proofread personally, which methods do you deploy, to what extent is the work proofread (word for word or skim-read) and is this work conducted by a professional translator who is a genuine native speaker of the target language?

About us when all translations from Japanese English Chinese Korean Arabic German French Italian Vietnamese Thai Russian and into these languages are carried out by us personally, or checked and proofread by us personally. Word for word, by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language.

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